We were in Pennsylvania on vacation when Michael was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes (type 1). He was flown by helicopter from East Stroudsburg, PA to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital which is located in New Brunswick, NJ. Upon his arrival, his blood-sugar level was 2656 (believe it or not). He was in a diabetic coma but was responding to our voices. Our first hurdle was to get his blood-sugar levels back to normal. When he had trouble moving his arms and legs, we were told he was suffering from a condition known as rhabdomyolysis. This is a condition where the skeletal muscle cells die following an injury or traumatic event. When the muscle cells are injured, they break down and release large amounts of substances into the bloodstream. Normally these substances get passed in the urine but can be harmful to the kidneys. We (my wife Kimberley and I) were informed by doctors that Michael may not fully regain the use of his affected arms and legs and that there was a strong possibility that he may suffer from kidney failure and need dialysis for the rest of his life. We were also told that this was a serious and life-threatening condition to our son. To say we were frightened and scared is an understatement. Michael began his physical therapy and, after a good week of work, showed amazing improvement. We spent all of 2 week in the intensive care unit trying to lower his blood-glucose level and rid his blood of the harmful substances caused by the rhabdomyolysis. To make this long story shorter, Michael pulled through and is back to being the boy I knew before he was sick. I asked the doctors why his kidneys didn't fail when his numbers were so high. They had no scientific answer for me. One doctor told me it was nothing short of a miraculous recovery.

From all this the team of "Michael's Miracles" was born and our journey continues...."